The Delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries works jointly with five neighboring countries in North Africa – Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia – as well as with the Arab Maghreb Union.
In this Interparliamentary Delegation of which I am a member we hold regular meetings with parliamentarians of the countries in question in which we can analyze the political, social and economic situation of the country.
Finally, I am also part of the Delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean. It is a Euro-Mediterranean intergovernmental organization that brings together all EU countries and 15 countries in the southern and eastern Mediterranean.
The Union for the Mediterranean works effusively to achieve higher levels of integration and cooperation in all regions through a specific methodology that has yielded positive results in terms of political dialogue and the implementation of regional initiatives in which young people play a key role. 


Similarly, throughout this IX term, I will be part of the Delegation in charge of Relations with the United States (D-US).

Relations between Parliament and the US Congress. UU. They date back to 1972. In 1999, their relations were updated and institutionalized with the creation of the Transatlantic Legislators Dialogue (DTL), which brings together members of the European Parliament and members of the US House of Representatives. UU. at two annual interparliamentary meetings held alternately in the USA. UU. and in Europe

Today, both the United States and the European Union face great challenges and it is in this uncertain context that the relationship between them is more important than ever.

While the Union and the United States do not have the same opinion about certain foreign policy issues, they are still the most important and reliable allies of each other. Its foreign policy ties have endured despite changing political configurations and geostrategic variations on both sides. Over the years, they have maintained close cooperation, have consulted each other about their international priorities and have often worked for their common interests in multilateral forums.