In this IX Legislature I will develop my work as a full member of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO).

At IMCO we are responsible for the control and legislative analysis of the rules of the Union in different fields that include the digital agenda, the digital single market, cybersecurity, digital sovereignty, customs, consumer protection, quality control dual product, its labeling and the value chain, among others.


The Digital Agenda for Europe aims to create the right conditions for the success of digital services and networks, promoting high-performance digital skills and computing, digitizing industry and services, developing artificial intelligence and modernizing public services .

From IMCO, extensive legislative activity is being carried out on the proposals presented by the European Commission in order to encourage the deployment of networks and services to guarantee digital connectivity, taking full advantage of the growth potential of the digital economy and improving access from consumers and businesses to digital goods and services in Europe.


Customs is one of the essential elements in the functioning of the Internal Market.
The objective is the application of the same common rules to all the external borders of the EU, which forms the Single Market, so that all have to follow the same operation.

Currently, customs face new challenges: they must control the fluid flow of trade while undergoing the necessary controls, while ensuring the safety of the citizens of the Community. To achieve the right balance between these demands, customs procedures and control methods must be modernized and the cooperation between different services must be restricted.


As we all know the Internet and new technologies are changing the world in all changes. In this Commission we will work because in Europe we can benefit from all the advantages that can be globally connected. For this we will try to eliminate the obstacles that still have to make companies, SMEs and startups have their limited horizon.

I am very clear that now is the time to create an EU digital single market. Turn the digital world of Europe into a uniform and uninterrupted market for buying and selling. In addition, we will try to develop standards that support technological development and develop full digitalization in the field of Europe’s economy, industry and employment. These are the great challenges that I face with enthusiasm to turn all national markets into one.


From this Commission we will protect the security and economic interests of all European consumers, regardless of where they reside or where they travel and where they make purchases within the Union. European legislation regulates both physical transactions and electronic commerce, and includes rules of general application throughout the EU aimed at social networks, platforms, or even more specific products such as medicines, cosmetics, genetically modified organisms, toys and explosives.

In these five years, our goal is to find a fair balance between market interests and the defense of consumer rights, avoiding any kind of unfair practice that may jeopardize the rights of European citizens and, ultimately, Union values.