During these five years of the Legislature, I will take part on the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) where we work on issues related to industrial policy, research policy and energy.


The Union industrial policy aims to increase the competitiveness of European industry so that it can maintain its driving role in sustainable growth and employment in Europe. Its purpose is to establish framework conditions that favor industrial competitiveness. It is also well integrated into other policies of the Union, such as those related to trade, internal market, research and innovation, employment, environmental protection and public health. It aimed is to accelerate the adaptation of the industry to structural changes, promote the initiative and development of the companies in the Union and promoting a favourable environment to cooperation between companies, as well as supporting a better use of the industrial potential of innovation policies.


On the other hand, the objective of the research politics and technological development of the Union is to strengthen the scientific and technological bases of European industry and favor its international competitiveness, through an European research space in which researchers, scientific knowledge and technologies circulate freely.In turn, it is strongly linked to innovation, in relation to converting research results into new and better services and products, aiming of still being competitive in the world market and improving the quality of life of European citizens. What is essential to create better jobs and improve our quality of life. Innovation policy is the interface between research and technological development policy and industrial policy, and seeks to create a favorable framework to bring ideas to market.


Regarding the energy policy, energy efficiency measures are increasingly considered a means not only to achieve a sustainable energy supply, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve security of supply and reduce import costs, but also to promote the competitiveness of the Union. Therefore, energy efficiency is one of the strategic priorities of the Energy Union and the Union promotes the principle of “putting energy efficiency first”.