30/05/2020 noticiasdenavarra.comAdriana Maldonado (PSN) see Navarra in an unbeatable position to receive European funds

16/05/2020 diariodenavarra.esMaldonado asks Europe for support for the wine sector

12/05/2020 pamplonaactual.comNavarra MEP Adriana Maldonado demands more resources from the European Commission to promote recovery and transformation of the automotive sector

09/05/2020 europapress
Maldonado (PSN) defends a comprehensive Reconstruction Plan in Europe to face the Covid-19 crisis

07/05/2020 huffingtonpost.es“Fake news” versus reality. By Adriana Maldonado

28/03/2020 eurocite.euAnalysis of Adriana Maldonado López on the coronavirus crisis

23/04/2020 natv.esMaldonado demands minimum stocks of strategic products

16/04/2020 noticiasdenavarra.comIt is the moment of Europe. By Adriana Maldonado

15/04/2020 lavanguardia.comMaldonado (PSN) demands from the European Commission a “more severe” legislation against Internet hoaxes

15/04/2020 pamplonaactual.comMEP Adriana Maldonado demands from the European Commission “more forceful measures to curb hoaxes and fake news on the internet”

05/04/2020 noticiasdenavarra.com“We must work an industrial conversion plan”

20/03/2020 navarracapital.esEurope: vaccine or contagion. By Adriana Maldonado

17/03/2020 natv.esMaldonado urges to “strengthen” the movement of goods

14/03/2020 europapress.esMaldonado (PSN) requires the European Commission to guarantee the reimbursement of the reserves affected by the coronavirus

11/03/2020 lavanguardia.comMEPs ask the EC for a fund to mitigate the effect of US tariffs

10/03/2020 pamplonaactual.com MEP Adriana Maldonado proposes measures to regulate online gambling

18/02/2020 eldiario.esAdriana Maldonado opens a photographic exhibition of Messengers of Peace in the Eurocamara

18/02/2020 diariojaen.esThe heart of Europe shows the world the expression of poverty

18/02/2020 diariojaen.esAdriana Maldonado welcomes the expedition of Messengers as a Europarliamentary

17/02/2020 lavanguardia.comThe president of the Eurocamara to Father Ángel: “You are an example of solidarity”

09-02-2020 noticiasdenavarra.comAdriana Maldonado: “Dialogue has to be the new strategy of the European Union”

09-02-2020 diariodenavarra.esGreen Consumption By Adriana Maldonado

04/02/2020 20minutos.esSingle charger, a digital necessity

30/01/2020 cadenaser.comUE: “We need a universal charger that is wireless”

14/01/2020 natv.esMaldonado proposes a single charger to reduce waste

14/01/2020 lavozdegalicia.esThe Eurocamera presses for a universal charger for all devices

06/12/2019 eldiario.es When playing is not a game. By Adriana Maldonado

17/11/2019 heraldo.esThe PSOE promises to give priority to the funds for depopulation in the new budgets of the European Union

14/11/2019 theobjective.comMy life is written with “B” from Brexit. By Adriana Maldonado

02/11/2019 europapress.es Maldonado (PSN) sees the Delegation of the Foral Government in Brussels as “vital”: “If you are not there, you do not exist”

30/10/2019 natv.esMaldonado asks Europe for measures to regulate the online game

29/10/2019 navarracapital.esThe future relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom, “more important” than Brexit

25/10/2019 navarracapital.es
MEP Maldonado organizes a breakfast on Brexit

9/10/2019 noticiasdenavarra.comThe ‘brexit’ could reduce the agri-food exports of Navarra “by € 186 million”

24/10/2019 socialistas-parlamentoeuropeo.euSocialists demand from the Commission measures to avoid crises like Thomas Cook’s

22/10/2019 20minutos.es

Maldonado (PSN) asks the European Commission for more aid for those affected by floods in Navarra

21/10/2019 eldiario.es

The European Parliament asks to review the community legislation after the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook

17/10/2019 navarracapital.es

“The agreement is a popular clamor”

15/10/2019 elconfidencial.comThe European Chamber rejects the “unjustified” cuts requested by countries in the EU budget of 2019

11/10/2019 europapress.es EU mission highlights the high participation in “electoral marathon” of Tunez

11/10/2019 natv.es

Navarra TV discussion this weekend from Brussels

08/10/2019 lavanguardia.com

EU mission regrets the lack of participation in the Tunisian legislatures

03/10/2019 psn-psoe.org 

Adriana Maldonado participates in the EU Electoral Observation Mission for the Legislative Elections of Túnez

​26/09/2019 lavanguardia.com

The PSOE asks the European Commission mechanisms for loss of employment by Thomas Cook

28/08/2019 navarracapital.es

Europe in its labyrinth 


01/08/2019 Navarra.com

The investiture day in Parliament: this is how a key political debate has been experienced for Navarra


29/07/2019 elmercuriodigital

Gender equality in the EU: keys to a new cycle

24/07/2019 lavanguardia.com

The Eurocamara “rejuvenates” to give voice to the new generations


17/07/2019 Noticiasdenavarra.com

Navarra MEP Adriana Maldonado “satisfied” are the EC’s commitment to a Green Pact


17/07/2019 Navarra.com

MEP Adriana Maldonado praises a European plan that will boost industry and innovation in Navarra.


26/06/2019 Noticiasdenavarra.com

Navarra, distinguished as “European Entrepreneurial Region 2020”


31/05/2019 Público.es

The PSN initiates contacts supervised by Ferraz, to govern in Navarra


27/05/2019 europapress.es

These are the 54 Spanish MEPs elected this Sunday


26/05/2019 Navarrainformacion.es

Maldonado (PSN-PSOE) says he will take Navarra’s voice to Europe


16/05/2019 Navarracapital 

“Brexit has shown the strength of the European Union”


16/05/2019 Navarracapital

The idealistic and pragmatic visions are contrasted in the meeting “We speak of Europe”


08/05/2019 Navarracapital.es

The importance of talking about Europe


17/03/2019 Noticiasdenavarra.com

Navarra Adriana Maldonado will go in the 16th position of the PSOE to the European elections


20/09/2018 Navarra.com

Three Navarrese socialists “conquer” China to expand relations between the eastern country and Spain


17/07/2017 eldiario.es

Navarra Adriana Maldonado, elected secretary of International Politics of Socialist Youth of Spain


24/03/2017 eldiario.es

Let’s feminize Europe. By Adriana Maldonado 


09/05/2016 esglobal.org

Europe Day: something to celebrate?