In this video, I analyze the importance of the European Council meeting to face the crisis # COVID19.


Video made by the European Parliament showing how our work is in times of crisis # COVID19.


Video I made on the occasion of the Father’s Day holiday.


Video that summarizes Father Angel’s visit to the European Parliament and the inauguration of the photographic exhibition “Solidarity feeds (our) hearts”.


Video on the occasion of the European Data Protection Day in which I give keys to protect our privacy.


Video that summarizes the day of meetings in Madrid with JDigital, ONCE, Mercadona and Indra.


Video that summarizes the work of the Spanish socialists in the European Parliament during the second half of 2019.


Video to congratulate Christmas held in one of the most famous markets in Strasbourg.


Video about the duality of products and the creation of a common charger for electronic devices.


Summary of the work done by the Spanish Socialists in the European Parliament during the penultimate week of October 2019 in Strasbourg.

In this report we make an analysis of the third day of EP Hearings 2019, in which the MEPs attend the hearings of the candidates for commissioners of the European Commission.


In this video I tell you the first time I visited the European Parliament and what caught my attention the most.


Single digital market, more security for our companies and young people … Here I present my main challenges that I will carry out in this IX Legislature.


In this interview on wheels, I tell Navarre Youth how I face the electoral campaign for the May 26 elections. Arriving in Europe: dream or reality?


In this video I explain my challenges and the actions that I would carry out in case of becoming a MEP.


In this interview conducted by the Izaskun Bilbao Barandica policy, I explain the initiatives developed by Con Copia a Europa (CC / Europe) with the aim of bringing Europe closer to young people.


With Copy to Europe (CC / Europe) is a project to which I belong. We are formed by more than twenty young people with a common feeling: critical Europeanism. Here we explain our goal.